Suriyani Ariffin

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In data encryption, the security of the algorithm is measured based on Shannon’s confusion and diffusion properties. This paper identifies the correspondences and highlights the essential computation elements on the basis of randomness and non-linearity of immune systems. These systems can be applied in symmetric encryption algorithm that satisfies the(More)
This paper proposed immune-inspired approaches in designing a new function for cryptographic algorithm named as 3D-AES. The immune systems approaches were selected on the basis of complex features that are desirable for substitution and permutation process to ensure adequate security and confidentiality of the systems in the world of information technology.(More)
Linearity becomes a crucial criterion for cryptographic function in an S-box in a block cipher. The linearity issues have drawn attention for researchers to improve the quality of S-box. A linearity test framework is needed to test the linearity components in S-box to facilitate researchers develop their S-box effectively. Without proper guidelines of(More)
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