Suriani Nordin

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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether odor detection sensitivity for pyridine, suggested by previous research not to be affected, is impaired in Alzheimer disease (AD) and whether an association exists between odor threshold and both degree of dementia and rate of dementia progression in AD. METHOD The method of constant stimuli was used to determine odor(More)
For studying changes in the sensory sensitivities, psychophysical methods offer a variety of models. The psychophysical approach also holds for applications on indoor air quality. The human senses can be used for characterizing environments in terms of effects on health and comfort, and have been used by the WHO for determining recommended exposure limits.(More)
The foetal biometry assessment of femur length (FL) was developed in most countries to evaluate the foetus growth. In this study, the FL values for Malaysia population were determined. A prospective study was conducted and a number of 6501 pregnant women were involved with 12372 FL data were collected, done at antenatal care clinic of Hospital Pulau Pinang,(More)
A new generation of 2-aza-norbornyl amino alcohol ligands for the catalytic transfer hydrogenation reaction of aromatic ketones was synthesized. Extremely active catalysts were formed by introducing a ketal functionality at the rear end of the ligand. Acetophenone was reduced in 96% ee at low catalyst loading, substrate to catalyst ratio, S/C 5000, within(More)
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