Suri Pushpa

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In a multiprocessor system, a lock-based scheme is used to ensure consistency and correctness during parallel processing. To manipulate a binary search tree in parallel, a process that modifies the current state of the data structure has to lock a certain portion of the tree. Lock-based schemes result in a longer wait time for the rest of the processes,(More)
Over the past twenty years, information has raised in a very massive scale in various fields. In 2010, Apache Hadoop outlined BigData as " datasets that couldn't be captured, managed, and processed by general computers within a tolerable time ". This paper begins with the definition, background knowledge and challenges of BigData. Then it shows the relation(More)
Providing of additional resources to certain sensor nodes within the network has proved to improve network performance. To identify such nodes is a problem that exists in 3D topologies. To address this problem, skeleton extraction algorithm has been developed in an earlier work and the same is incorporated in this paper to optimize network performance in(More)
The World Wide Web is a vast and rapidly growing source of information. Most of the information consumers are based on the World Wide Web for their exploration and the information is in the form of unstructured and so it's tough to handle. Nevertheless, there are many webpages which are having the structured data. Structured data is the format or pattern(More)
—The network operators are interested in monitoring passing traffic in a network for reasons of traffic accounting, debugging or troubleshooting, forensics, and traffic engineering. Previous research has focused on monitor placement across the network for maximizing the monitoring utility. But, traffic characteristics and measurement objectives can change(More)
Fingerprint is one of the most significant and traditional biometric trait and its uniqueness are exclusively determined by the local ridge characteristics and their relationships. However, in existing system, due to variations in impression condition, due to different stress level, ridge configuration, skin conditions, acquisition devices, noise etc, the(More)
Binary tree is a graph, without cycle, that is frequently used in computer science for fast data access and retrieval. To ensure faster insertion and deletion, the tree height has to be kept to a minimum. A random tree starts loosing its randomness after a series of insertions and deletions and, in the worst case, a tree with n nodes, could grow up to the(More)
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