Suri Pushpa

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In recent years, the importance of security in the information technology has increased significantly. This paper presents a new efficient architecture for high speed advanced encryption standard algorithm using Vedic Mathematics. The proposed architecture is implemented using Field Programmable Gate Array. I. INTRODUCTION In cryptography, encryption is the(More)
Providing of additional resources to certain sensor nodes within the network has proved to improve network performance. To identify such nodes is a problem that exists in 3D topologies. To address this problem, skeleton extraction algorithm has been developed in an earlier work and the same is incorporated in this paper to optimize network performance in(More)
—The network operators are interested in monitoring passing traffic in a network for reasons of traffic accounting, debugging or troubleshooting, forensics, and traffic engineering. Previous research has focused on monitor placement across the network for maximizing the monitoring utility. But, traffic characteristics and measurement objectives can change(More)
Fingerprint is one of the most significant and traditional biometric trait and its uniqueness are exclusively determined by the local ridge characteristics and their relationships. However, in existing system, due to variations in impression condition, due to different stress level, ridge configuration, skin conditions, acquisition devices, noise etc, the(More)
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