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This paper proposes a controller design for urban traffic networks. The growing demand for faster transportation has led to heavy congestion in road traffic networks, necessitating the need for traffic-responsive intelligent signal control systems. The developed signal control system based on uncertain information of the environment must be capable of(More)
This paper deals with the problem of modeling and controlling dynamic formations and flocking behavior of unmanned air vehicles. Dynamic formations are modeled using 3D kinematic models combined with dynamic graph structures. The leader-follower and co-leader interconnections are described by time-varying matrices that consist of a binary connectivity(More)
The main contribution of this paper is to design a more accurate optimal/suboptimal fault tolerant state estimator. Federated filters compose of a set of local filters and a master filter, the local filters work in parallel and their solutions are periodically fused by the master filter yielding a global solution. Federated ensemble Kalman filter no reset(More)
The purpose of this paper is to investigate Distributed Generation (DG) standards and interconnection issues at higher penetration levels. A clear concise definition of “Smart Grid” is presented to illustrate the importance of distributed generation along with the other important aspects of the Smart Grid vision. Specific standards are(More)
Solar power received on the surface of any object on the earth could be considered as the power absorbed in the entire volume of that object and hence measured in Watts per unit volume. In this paper, effectiveness of measuring power and energy per unit volume and the impact of height in system efficiency is analyzed. Variations in solar radiation intensity(More)
Penetration levels of renewable resources on distribution systems are increasing due to the mandated programs and associated economic incentives. Therefore the effects of these interconnections on the systems will need to be studied and evaluated. This paper's concentration will be on voltage profile of a distribution system subject to high penetration(More)
State estimation of a discernible active distribution network is researched. A system is discernible if the state of the network can be completely ascertained. An active distribution network is one that includes Distributed Generation (DG) units. A modified IEEE34-node test feeder including two DG units is analyzed. The forward-backward sweep technique(More)
This paper will explain the dynamics of slow voltage instability on large power systems at a basic and intuitive level. This paper will outline the voltage instability phenomenon and leave the specific details for individual investigation. Slow Voltage Instability is a phenomenon which occurs over several minutes to an hour; where as Transient Voltage(More)
Ferroresonance is a special case of resonance, which can occur when a non-linear inductive reactance is connected in series with a capacitive reactance. In instances of ferroresonance involving electric power distribution facilities, the inductive reactance will be the magnetizing reactance of a single-phase or three-phase transformer. The capacitive(More)