Suresh Tiwari

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BACKGROUND There is an urgent need for an improved understanding of the sources, distributions and properties of atmospheric aerosol in order to control the atmospheric pollution over northeastern Himalayas where rising anthropogenic interferences from rapid urbanization and development is becoming an increasing concern. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS An(More)
USEPA's UNMIX, positive matrix factorization (PMF) and effective variance-chemical mass balance (EV-CMB) receptor models were applied to chemically speciated profiles of 125 indoor PM2.5 measurements, sampled longitudinally during 2012-2013 in low-income group households of Central India which uses solid fuels for cooking practices. Three step source(More)
We have studied the dependence of atom transfer between two magneto-optical traps (MOTs) on the spot-size of a push laser beam in a double magneto-optical trap setup. It was observed that the spot-size of the push beam at vapor-chamber MOT (VC-MOT) affects significantly the transfer of atoms from the VC-MOT to an ultrahigh vacuum MOT (UHV-MOT). The number(More)
We present our results on transfer of cold (87)Rb atoms from a vapor cell magneto-optical trap to ultrahigh vacuum magneto-optical trap (UHV-MOT) using a red-detuned continuous wave push beam in a double-magneto-optical trap setup. We find that use of retro-reflected red-detuned push laser beam results in higher number in UHV-MOT than the number obtained(More)
The role of atmospheric aerosols in climate and climate change is one of the largest uncertainties in understanding the present climate and in capability to predict future climate change. Due to this, the study of optical properties of atmospheric aerosols over a mega city "New Delhi" which is highly polluted and populated were conducted for two years long(More)
Aerosols are usually presumed spherical in shape while estimating the direct radiative forcing (DRF) using observations or in the models. In the Indo-Gangetic Basin (IGB), a regional aerosol hotspot where dust is a major aerosol species and has been observed to be non-spherical in shape, it is important to test the validity of this assumption. We address(More)
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