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INTRODUCTION Traditional treatment of organophosphate poisoning (OP) with oximes has had limited success. Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) or albumin, acting as bioscavengers to mop up free organophosphate, has been recently proposed as a treatment modality. In this pilot open-label, three-arm, randomized controlled study exploring proof of concept, we evaluated(More)
A multifactorial approach was used by the authors to analyze data from 119 women with endometriosis and infertility. Conservative surgical procedures afforded a mean pregnancy rate of 37.7 per cent for those women with significant disease. Only 6.7 per cent became pregnant when the proposed surgery was declined. There was an inverse relationship in severity(More)
BACKGROUND There is great uncertainty among trauma surgeons regarding the correct treatment of rare proximal humerus fractures in children and adolescents, in spite of the great potential of the proximal humeral epiphysis for self-correction, even in cases of gross malalignment. METHODS Over a span of 6 years, we treated 52 children and adolescents with(More)
To identify metabolic and other concomitants of a single important type of atherosclerotic cerebrovascular disease, 75 patients with angiographically and surgically proven internal carotid stenosis were compared with age and sex matched control subjects with respect to plasma cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. They were also compared for blood(More)
The relationship between sperm antibodies, conception, and miscarriage was examined in 109 infertile couples. Antibodies present on the surface of husbands' ejaculated sperm and antibodies in husbands' or wives' sera that reacted with a purified population of the husbands' motile spermatozoa were detected by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. During an(More)
This study was conducted to determine the incidence of hospital admissions following acute poisoning, nature of agents involved and change in pattern of poisoning over a 5-year period. Data from hospital records of all admissions to emergency department following acute poisoning collected prospectively were analysed for the period January 1993 to January(More)
Sera from 1074 male and 947 female partners of infertile marriages were tested by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for antibodies to motile sperm purified from ejaculates of the male partners or a donor. In men, 9.2% of the sera were positive for immunoglobulin A, 7.9% for immunoglobulin G, and 5.1% for immunoglobulin M antibodies to their own sperm. In(More)
The 70 kDa heat shock protein (HSP70) is induced in cells exposed to chemical or physical stress. HSP70 facilitates cell survival by preventing protein denaturation and incorrect assembly of polypeptides. Induction of HSP70 messenger RNA (mRNA) synthesis also inhibits transcription of genes coding for pro-inflammatory cytokines. We analyzed whether HSP70(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency medicine has been recognized as a specialty in western countries. However, in India, most hospitals and medical colleges have no provision for teaching this specialty. This study was done to assess the feasibility of incorporating emergency medicine in the undergraduate medical curriculum. METHODS Sixty final year undergraduate(More)