Suresh Regonda

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Low-doped silicon multi-nanowire field effect transistors with high ON/OFF ratio over 10(7) and a low subthreshold swing of 60-120 mV dec(-1) are fabricated using lithographic semiconductor processes. The use of multi-nanowires instead of a single nanowire as sensing elements has shown improved device uniformity and stability in buffer solutions. The device(More)
Here we demonstrate the use of multiple Si nanochannel (NC) or nanograting (NG) instead of the conventional single nanochannel or nanowire design in biosensors. The NG devices can significantly reduce device-to-device variation, and improve device performance, e.g. higher current, higher ON/OFF ratio, smaller subthreshold slope, lower threshold voltage Vt(More)
The profile shape and the flow behavior of polymer nanoscale gratings made by a thermal nanoimprint process are precisely examined using visible light angular scatterometry. Nanoimprinted poly methyl methacrylate PMMA lines with 60–800 nm width, 100–200 nm height, and varied residual thicknesses of 70–400 nm have been investigated using this optical(More)
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