Suresh Reddy

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Tomato leaf curl virus disease caused by whitefly-transmitted begomoviruses is a serious tomato production constraint in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Use of genetic resistance for diseases caused by begomoviruses is an important component of sustainable disease management approaches. To date, six introgressions (Ty genes) derived from(More)
BACKGROUND It is important to ensure that minimum standards for palliative care based on available resources are clearly defined and achieved. AIMS (1) Creation of minimum National Standards for Palliative Care for India. (2) Development of a tool for self-evaluation of palliative care organizations. (3) Evaluation of the tool in India. In 2006, Pallium(More)
Compressed sensing is a recently developed technique that exploits the sparsity of naturally occurring signals and images to reduce the volume of the data using less number of samples, computing the sparsity of the signal. In the traditional/conventional approaches the images are acquired and compressed, where as compressed sensing aims to acquire the "(More)
Now a days information technology plays an important role in all fields of sciences, arts and commerce, management and medicine. Up to date information on each and every topic is utilized everybody in all fields through internet. India is investing money in crores in production of software and hardware. Forecast is playing an important role in future(More)
The present paper aims at constructing the decision tree for a given database which adopts an improved ID3 decision tree algorithm to implement data mining in order to predict the output. The database is generated using the sampling techniques and the classification algorithm is applied on the samples. The obtained results are compared with experimental(More)
‐ The proposed system aims at the retrieval of the summarized information from the documents collected from web based search engine as per the user query related to cricket and hockey domain. The system is designed in a manner that it takes the voice commands as keywords for search. The parts of speech in the query are extracted using the natural language(More)
Security protocols are a must for communication between parties. We studied new applications of Jordon Totient function and applied them to RSA public key cryptosystem with one public key and two private keys, and developed protocols for communication between two parties using java and shown the graphical performance analysis on test results for key(More)
Governments of developing economies are increasingly adopting computer-assisted learning (CAL) to supplement traditional learning strategies to raise achievement levels in primary schools. In India, as in many other developing economies, the Government believes that the promotion of CAL can help reduce persistent problems of low achievement, high drop out(More)