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Denial-of-service (DoS) detection techniques - such as activity profiling, change-point detection, and wavelet-based signal analysis - face the considerable challenge of discriminating network-based flooding attacks from sudden increases in legitimate activity or flash events. This survey of techniques and testing results provides insight into our ability(More)
Several algorithms have been developed to solve the reliability problem for nonseries-parallel networks using the sum of disjoint products (SDP) approach. This paper provides a general framework for most of these techniques. It reviews methods that help improve computer time and memory requirements in reliability computation. These parameters are generally(More)
This paper considers packetized voice and video traffic incoming to an ATM multiplexer. Each voice and video source is approximated by a two-state Markov–modulated Poisson process (MMPP(2)). We propose a method based on the asymptotic results of a renewal process to obtain the equivalent MMPP(2) parameters. The integrated voice and video sources are(More)