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Assessment of Pteridophyte Diversity and their Status in Gujarat State, Western India
An intensive field survey was carried out from the hilly regions, plains of different climatic regimes and agricultural land of Gujarat state. About 23 species were collected from Gujarat state, from
Genus Ophioglossum L., from Western Part of India with Special Reference to Gujarat State
The genus Ophioglossum L. is revised for the Gujarat state and there were reported eight species viz. Ophioglossum costatum R. Br., O. gramineum Willd., O. gujaratense SM Patil, RN Kachhiyapatel, R
Status of Isoetes coromandeliana L.f. and Equisetum debile Roxb. ex Voucher in Gujarat State, Western India
Occurrence of Isoetes coromandeliana L.f. in natural ponds of Harni, Savali and Tuwa (India) is known since 1956 by earlier workers. Equisetum debile Roxb. ex Voucher was also reported in 1962
Check-list of Pteridophytes from Gujarat State, Western India
The present investigation was carried out to document species diversity and to update the checklist of pteridophytes occurring in Gujarat state, with the maximum diversity observed in south Gujarat, followed by Central Gujarat and the Saurashtra region whereas less diversity was observed in the North and Kachchh regions.
Weeds of crop fields in Satlasana Taluka of district Mehsana, Gujarat, India
The present study was conducted to explore the weed flora in crop fields of Satlasana taluka, district Mehsana, Gujarat. Satlasana taluka is under cultivation of different ravi, jayad and kharif
Ethano- Medicinal flora of Sabarkantha district, Gujarat
The north Gujarat region is one of the well-diverse in terms of the floral diversity and traditional knowledge. the vegetation of that region pertaining to the dry deciduous forest types found in the
Taxonomic notes on Astragalus vogelii subsp. fatimensis (Galegeae, Fabaceae)
The correct authority of Astragalus vogelii subsp. fatimensis and its distribution range in India are discussed. The taxon, which is considered rare in India, has been recollected from Gujarat State
Rediscovery, resurrection and lectotypification of endemic Isoetes sampathkumarnii L. N. Rao from India
An interesting species of Isoetes was collected from Jambughoda, Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat. After a review of literature and comparison of the morphological characters with type specimens, it was