Suresh Narayan

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Verapamil, at a dose of 1 mg/kg, was given intravenously to anesthetized cats one hour after coronary artery occlusion. Verapamil significantly reduced mean arterial blood pressure, but produced an increase in heart rate, partially offsetting the reduction in myocardial oxygen demand resulting from the reduction in pressure. Verapamil failed to prevent the(More)
We report the appearance of apoptotic cells in experimental myocardial infarction (rabbit heart) in in situ and in vitro preparations. Apoptosis was recognized by intravital staining with Hoechst 33342 (Ho342), by nick-end labeling (TUNEL) and by DNA laddering. A steady rise in the relative number of apoptotic cardiomyocytes (apoptotic index) was noted in(More)
The effect of intratracheal administration of DDT (5 mg/100 g body weight) or endosulfan (1 mg/100 g body weight) to rats for three consecutive days, has been studied on liver lipid metabolism. The administration of DDT but not endosulfan significantly increased the liver weight and the microsomal protein contents. Both DDT and endosulfan treatments(More)
The effect of intratracheally administered DDT (5 mg/100 g body weight) or endosulfan (1 mg/100 g body weight) for three consecutive days has been studied on lipid metabolism of rat lung subcellular fractions. Both the insecticides did not affect the lung weight and the protein contents of microsomes, lamellar bodies and surfactant but significantly(More)
Male Sprague-Dawley rats carrying indwelling jugular catheters were used to compare two methods of blood collection, catheterization or decapitation, for obtaining the plasma levels of several electrolytes. Decapitation resulted in higher levels of Ca2+, Mg2+, and K+ (18%, 23%, and 35% respectively) compared to catheter values. In a second experiment,(More)
The effect of inhalation of coal fly ash for 6 hr daily for 15 days has been studied on the hematology, blood chemistry, and histopathology of lungs and liver of rats up to 4 months from the first day of exposure. Fly ash inhalation significantly reduced WBC, RBC, and hemoglobin contents at earlier periods after exposure but tended to return to normal(More)
Male Sprague-Dawley rats fed ethanol (EtOH) 36% of total calories for four weeks in a liquid diet containing either 34% (HF) or 12% (LF) of calories as fat were studied with respect to induction of microsomal monooxygenases (MFO) and substrate competition with EtOH-inducible aniline hydroxylase. The specific activity and turnover of aniline hydroxylase were(More)