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Though use of theory is critical in Information Systems (IS) research, the theoretical foundations of IS research have been understudied. Using Social Network Analysis, we analyze theory usage in IS research published in MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research from 1998 to 2006. We find Technology Acceptance Model, Resource-Based View and Game Theory(More)
The evolving role of Chief Information Officers (CIO) has been widely recognized in IS literature. Yet the enablers of CIOs to focus on strategic activities towards CIO effectiveness have been understudied from constructs, structures, processes and mechanisms perspective and the evidence is largely anecdotal. Cloud computing technologies are gaining(More)
In 2004, Dakota State University proposed a model for information assurance and computer security program development. That model provided a framework for developing undergraduate and graduate programs at DSU. This paper provides insight into experiences and lessons learned to further implement that model. The paper details modifications to both the(More)
While Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA) applications are increasingly being adopted into business, significant variation exists in using them to empower business activities and there is limited empirical research examining the drivers of extensive usage of BIA in organizations. Building on Technological-Organizational-Environmental framework, we(More)
Although Business Intelligence& Analytics (BIA) systems are increasingly seen as a source of competitive advantage, limited research, to our knowledge, has examined the factors driving their organizational adoption. Drawing on Technology-Organization-Environment framework, we present a theoretical model of factors associated with the extent of(More)
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