Suresh M Morey

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AIM To evaluate and compare parental satisfaction after Plastibell and conventional dissection circumcision. METHODS 198 children were randomly and equally allocated to two groups (PD: Plastibell and CDS: dissection) for circumcision. Follow-up was done at 7th, 15th and 90th day after surgery. Written questionnaires were given to parents at the time of(More)
50 boys, aged 3 to 16 yr., referred for psychotherapy for a gender-identity disorder were assessed by two parent-report instruments completed by their mothers--The Gender Behavior Inventory for Boys for preadolescent subjects and a modified form of the Parents' Evaluation of Child Behavior. Without access to these data, an independent clinical psychologist(More)
The sex typing or lack of it among 133 adolescent activities was investigated. Twenty-seven percent (32) of the activities on an Adolescent Activity Questionnaire showed very clear participation differences for male and female adolescents (11 to 18 years old). The initial two factors extracted in a principal components factor analysis were easily(More)
With 66 boys, aged 3 yr. to 17 yr. who were referred for potential gender-identity disorder, this study examined intrapsychic manifestations as reflected in their projections to the Draw-A-Person Test, the Brown IT Scale for Children, and the Shneidman Make-A-Picture Story Test. Without access to these projective test findings, an independent clinical(More)
Forty-nine boys, aged 3 to 11 years, who were referred for an evaluation of a potential gender identity disorder of childhood, were assessed with a standardized in vivo behavioral observation of sex-typed play in an alone condition and with the parent-report Bates-Bentler Games Inventory. Without access to these measures of sex-typed play, an independent(More)
AIM To describe our experience of neonates with esophageal atresia with tracheo-esophageal fistula (EA with TEF) who presented after a week. DESIGN Retrospective study of the patients of EA with TEF who presented after a week. STUDY SETTING Department of Pediatric Surgery, Government Medical College Nagpur. Study Duration: Eight years. MATERIALS AND(More)
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