Suresh Kumar Gawre

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This paper presents the Electric Power System design and development of an electric solar vehicle. The power system extracts energy from solar panels through solar charge controllers with embedded MPPT while controlling the charge of battery. The BLDC motor is connected to the battery bus via power board containing the 6 N-channel MOSFETs whose operations(More)
Wavelet analysis approach is presented in this paper for the automatic detection and analysis of voltage sag in power systems with noise and without noise. Wavelet analysis is used to process the voltage waveform for detection and better estimation of the time-related parameters of a voltage Sag in voltage supply, The method proposed, which can be processed(More)
The worldwide increasing applications of nonlinear loads, mostly consisting of power electronics devices, have made the power quality problems an important concern than ever before for utilities and consumers. Therefore, detection and classification of Power Quality disturbances is highly desirable. Most power quality disturbances are non-stationary and(More)
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