Suresh Kalyanasundaram

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—Femtocells are low-cost, miniature base-stations intended to improve indoor coverage in 3G networks and beyond. One of the main issues in adopting femtocells en masse is the surge in interference to the mobile users served by the macrocell arising from unplanned networks and private access. Therefore, distributed power control mechanisms for femtocells are(More)
The problem of handoffs in cellular networks is compounded in a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite-based cellular network due to the relative motion of the satellites with respect to a stationary observer on earth. Typically, the velocity of motion of mobiles can be ignored when compared to the very high velocity of the footprints of satellites. We exploit(More)
In this work, we consider the problem of resource allocation in multi-class networks, where users specify the value they attach to obtaining different amounts of resource by means of a utility function. We develop a resource allocation scheme that maximizes the average aggregate utility per unit time. We formulate this resource allocation problem as a(More)
In this work, we consider the scenario where di€erent classes of trac with di€ering bandwidth requirements are to be supported over a link with ®nite capacity. The network will be required to meet class-level quality-of-service (QoS) constraints that are speci®ed as relations between the call blocking probabilities of these trac classes. The network will(More)
— In this paper, we study an approach for sharing channels to improve network utilization in packet-switched cellular networks. Our scheme exploits unused resources in neighboring cells without the need for global coordination. We formulate a minimax approach to optimizing the allocation of channels in this sharing scheme. We develop a distributed algorithm(More)
As 3G wireless systems evolve towards 4G, various wireless network technology organizations looking at network architectures for 4G are considering a redesign of the network away from the traditional centralized, hierarchical design towards a more distributed operation of network functions. In this paper, we present some mechanisms for distributed operation(More)