Suresh Gopalakrishnan

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Future automobiles will be equipped with x-by-wire systems to improve reliability, safety, and performance. The fault-tolerant capability of these systems is crucial due to their safety critical nature. Three fault-tolerant inverter topologies for permanent magnet brushless direct current motor drives suitable for automotive x-by-wire systems are analyzed.(More)
Navy Shipboard Power Systems have different characteristics when compared with utility power systems. To conduct system studies on shipboard power systems, an effective simulation tool is required to model the Shipboard Electric Power Systems. This paper presents the results of the analysis of three popular simulation tools, ATP, PSpice and Saber for(More)
We present the design, prototype implementation and initial evaluation of FedFS-a novel cluster file system architecture that provides a global file space by aggre-gating the local file systems of the cluster nodes into a loose federation. The federated file system (FedFS) is created ad-hoc for a distributed application that runs on the cluster, and its(More)
This paper proposes new parallel fir structures to reduce the hardware complexity of higher order Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter with symmetric coefficients based on Fast FIR Algorithms (FFAs). The objective is to design an area-efficient Fast Parallel Finite-Impulse Response (FIR) filter structure which constraint that the filter taps must be a(More)
— Federated DAFS is our approach to federate DAFS servers using memory-mapped communication. Federated DAFS combines an efficient user-space DAFS implementation with a low overhead clustering layer to present a scalable clustering solution for DAFS servers. In this paper, we describe the location independent global naming scheme used to federate DAFS(More)
This work describes the main consideration in the design of power converter for a SRM drive with the particular attention to the choice of converter topology, and to study and develop the static and dynamic characteristics of the prototype model of SRM using FEA software (MagNet 6. 22). To simulate the power converter switching circuit for prototype model(More)
Traditional moment matching (Taylor expansion) based reduced order modeling in electromagnetics is known to be narrowband due to ill-conditioned moment generation process. In recent years, multipoint well-conditioned broadband asymptotic waveform evaluation techniques have been introduced that use implicit orthogonalization. These techniques are inherently(More)
Pipeline system requires clock routine complexity and clock skews between different parts of the system. Higher operating frequencies may be obtained in digital system using wave pipelining which permits clock frequencies. This requires proper selection of clock periods and clock skews for latched output of combinational logic circuit at the stable periods.(More)
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