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As organizations become ever more dependent on networked operations, they are increasingly vulnerable to attack by a variety of attackers, including criminals, terrorists and nation states using cyber attacks. New malware attacks, including viruses, Trojans, and worms, are constantly and rapidly emerging threats. However, attackers often reuse code and(More)
CajunBot, an autonomous ground vehicle and a finalist in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, is built on the chassis of MAX IV, a six-wheeled ATV. Transformation of the ATV to an AGV (Autonomous Ground Vehicle) required adding drive-by-wire control, LIDAR sensors, an INS, and a computing system. Significant innovations in the core computational algorithms(More)
The local path-planning and obstacle-avoidance module used in the CajunBot, six-wheeled, all-terrain, autonomous land rover is described. The module is designed for rapid subgoal extraction in service of a global navigation system that follows GPS-supplied waypoints. The core algorithm is built around a grid-based, linear-activation field (a type of(More)
This paper describes the steering controller of the CajunBot II, an autonomous vehicle designed for the DARPA Urban Challenge. The autonomous vehicle is a modified Jeep Wrangler Rubicon equipped with INS/GPS for localization, three sets of sensors and three single board computers. The control objective is to make the lateral error at a certain point ahead(More)
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