Suresh Chandra Babu

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Coordinating Lead Authors: Ruth DeFries, Stefano Pagiola Lead Authors: W.L. Adamowicz, H. Resit Akçakaya, Agustin Arcenas, Suresh Babu, Deborah Balk, Ulisses Confalonieri, Wolfgang Cramer, Fander Falconı́, Steffen Fritz, Rhys Green, Edgar Gutiérrez-Espeleta, Kirk Hamilton, Racine Kane, John Latham, Emily Matthews, Taylor Ricketts, Tian Xiang Yue(More)
Identification, propagation, and introduction of a nutritionally rich, indigenous plant species in the existing cropping system are presented in this paper as a method of rural nutrition intervention. A case study of Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.; Moringaceae), which is a common tree in Malawi and one of the richest sources of vitamin A and vitamin C(More)
The objective of IFPRI's multicountry research program on rural financial policies for food security of the poor is to identify policies and institutional arrangements that help the poor integrate themselves into sustainable savings and credit systems such that they have an increased capacity to invest, bear risk, and smooth consumption. The focus of the(More)
Tamil Nadu a poverty-stricken rural community in South India, funds a school feeding program with about 10% of the state budget. Comparisons of nutrition and literacy show that they are significantly related. No studies have yet been performed to analyse the effect of the feeding programs on aspects of a household's economic and social welfare. The(More)
Achieving food security for all and eliminating hunger continue to be major development challenges. In addition, micronutrient malnutrition and increasing levels of obesity have emerged as new and challenging issues to be dealt with by policy makers, particularly in developing countries. One major contributory factor to the current state of food and(More)
Strengthening national capacity for designing public policies and program interventions is fundamental for achieving development goals. Yet results of capacity strengthening programs have shown mixed results in the last fifty years. Capacity development, as a field of scientific enquirty still lacks a unified framework among development professionals.(More)