Suresh C. Mehrotra

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The present study demonstrates the application of remote sensing for the estimation of areas corresponding to crop and forest lands covered in the district of Aurangabad, (Maharashtra), India. The data acquired by IRS-P6 Advanced Wide Field Sensors (AWiFS) having 56m spatial resolution for the months of October & December 2012 which covered complete study(More)
— The Spatial Analysis of Transportation Network for Town Planning task is performed for Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The required data was collected from the NRSC, Hyderabad and AMC. The Arc GIS 10 is used to perform the extraction of region of Interest from primary data and for Road Generalization, like selection, merging, elimination,(More)
Many conventional systems are available to maintain the temperature of IVF laboratories and incubator. The problem with these systems is that unless one visits the lab it is not possible to know the temperature values of IVF laboratory as well as operation theatre and incubator. Frequent visits to these places cause the increase in the temperature values,(More)
BACKGROUND Brain computer interfacing is a system that acquires and analyzes neural signals to create a communication channel directly between the brain and the computer. The EEG records the electrical fields generated by the nerve cells. With the help of Fourier Transformation the EEG signals are classified into four different frequency bands. PURPOSE(More)
Gautala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected forest area of Aurangabad, Maharashtra state, India. It lies in the Ajanta hill ranges of the Western Ghats; it is administrated by Forest Authority of Aurangabad and Jargon District. In 1986, it was established as the wildlife sanctuary in an existing forest area. The forest area is southern tropical dry(More)
In this study we build a mood recognition system using EEG signal of Song Induced activity. In this we have analyzed alpha EEG powers related to left hemisphere, right hemisphere regions of brains. This has given the significance of different brain region related to emotions. This study successfully achieves the goal to design a system which offers offline(More)
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