Suresh C. Mehrotra

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Normal and lesioned rats exposed to 3 mg/kg i.p. endosulfan for 10 subsequent days showed elevated foot-shock fighting behaviour in septal and nigral brain-lesioned animals. Increased ipsilateral circling was noticed in unilateral-nigral lesioned rats. A marked decrease in locomotor activity and no seizure pattern were recorded in rats treated with(More)
— The Spatial Analysis of Transportation Network for Town Planning task is performed for Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The required data was collected from the NRSC, Hyderabad and AMC. The Arc GIS 10 is used to perform the extraction of region of Interest from primary data and for Road Generalization, like selection, merging, elimination,(More)
BACKGROUND Brain computer interfacing is a system that acquires and analyzes neural signals to create a communication channel directly between the brain and the computer. The EEG records the electrical fields generated by the nerve cells. With the help of Fourier Transformation the EEG signals are classified into four different frequency bands. PURPOSE(More)
Indian Classical Music is considered very diverse and distinct area of music across the globe. It has its indistinct melodies especially made up of unique musical instruments. It uses a wide variety of Musical Instruments to achieve this feat. In last two decades, researchers are actively associated with human perception towards the study of Musical(More)
In this study we build a mood recognition system using EEG signal of Song Induced activity. In this we have analyzed alpha EEG powers related to left hemisphere, right hemisphere regions of brains. This has given the significance of different brain region related to emotions. This study successfully achieves the goal to design a system which offers offline(More)
—The present study highlights the advantages of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques for analyzing the land use/land cover mapping for Aurangabad region of Maharashtra, India. Single date, cloud free IRS-Resourcesat-1 LISS-III data was used for further classification on training set for supervised classification. Some image(More)
— This paper represents a method of computing incremental difference features on the basis of scan line projection and scan converting lines for the lipreading problem on a set of isolated word utterances. These features are affine invariants and found to be effective in identification of similarity between utterances by the speaker in spatial domain.
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