Suresh C. Kothari

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An iterative learning algorithm called PRLAB is described for the discrete bidirectional associative memory (BAM). Guaranteed recall of all training pairs is ensured by PRLAB. The proposed algorithm is significant in many ways. Unlike many existing iterative learning algorithms, PRLAB is not based on the gradient descent technique. It is a novel adaptation(More)
Clustering expressed sequence tags (ESTs) is a powerful strategy for gene identification, gene expression studies and identifying important genetic variations such as single nucleotide polymorphisms. To enable fast clustering of large-scale EST data, we developed PaCE (for Parallel Clustering of ESTs), a software program for EST clustering on parallel(More)
Expressed sequence tags, abbreviated ESTs, are DNA molecules experimentally derived from expressed portions of genes. Clustering of ESTs is essential for gene recognition and understanding important genetic variations such as those resulting in diseases. In this paper, we present the design and development of a parallel software system for EST clustering.(More)
Mitochondria are critical regulators of energy metabolism and programmed cell death pathways. Mitochondria are also the major site for the production of reactive oxygen species which make this organelle more susceptible to oxidative damage and impairments of mitochondrial functions. Antioxidants have been of limited therapeutic success to ameliorate the(More)