Suresh C. Goel

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Methyl green-pyronin staining has been used for localization of RNA and DNA in chick and mouse embryonic tissues and in insect larval salivary glands. Glutaraldehyde or tricholoracetic acid-lanthanum acetate (TCA-LA) was used as fixative and paraffin wax or Araldite was used as embedding medium. For good results the following are specially desirable:(More)
A procedure for the study of glycogen in the same cell, under both light and electron microscopes is described. The synthesis and accumulation of glycogen is a feature of chondrogenesis in the mouse epiphyseal cartilage and the amount of glycogen increases with the progress of differentiation. In contrast, no glycogen was detected in differentiating(More)
The accuracy of direct injection gas chromatography for the estimation of volatile components in concentrated, undisrupted cell suspensions was assessed. Quantitative recovery of intracellular and extracellular ethanol, butanol and acetone was obtained. The technique eliminates the requirement for a separate disruption step to release intracellular(More)
The epiphyseal cartilage from new-born mouse was treated with collagenase in two ways: either before fixation or after glutaraldehyde fixation. The electron dense granules of the matrix were not seen in the micrographs of cartilage treated with collagenase before fixation. It is concluded that collagen plays a definite role in the formation of the granules(More)
The hind limb-bud mesenchyme of chick embryos 4-4 1/2 days old was cultured in Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium supplemented with both horse serum and fresh chick embryo extract. Whereas no differences are seen at the light-microscope level, at the electron-microscope level the chondroblasts differentiated in tissue culture are noticeably different from(More)
The Sephadex G-200 gel filtration fractions C1 to C6 of the water-soluble lens proteins of Calotes versicolor have been characterized by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), 7 M urea PAGE, SDS PAGE, and immunological tests. C1 fraction, an alpha-crystallin which cross-reacts with chick alpha, has very low amount of B chains. It shows two bands in SDS(More)