Suresh Alapati

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We conducted a numerical study on the translocation of a biopolymer from the cis side to the trans side of a membrane through a synthetic nano-pore driven by an external electric field in the presence of hydrodynamic interactions (HIs). The motion of the polymer is simulated by 3D Langevin dynamics technique using a worm-like chain model of N identical(More)
This study describes the numerical simulation of three-dimensional droplet formation and the following motion in a cross-junction microchannel by using the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM). Our aim is to develop the three-dimensional binary fluids model, consisting of two sets of distribution functions to represent the total fluid density and the density(More)
Anultra-low power capacitor less low-dropout voltage regulator with improved transient response using gain enhanced feed forward path compensation is presented in this paper. It is based on a cascade of a voltage amplifier and a transconductor stage in the feed forward path with regular error amplifier to form a composite gainenhanced feed forward stage. It(More)
In this study, we simulate the electrophoretic motion of a bio-polymer through a synthetic nanopore in the presence of an external bias voltage by considering the hydrodynamic interactions between the polymer and the fluid explicitly. The motion of the polymer is simulated by 3D Langevin dynamics technique by modeling the polymer as a worm-like-chain, while(More)
This paper presents a modified folded cascode error amplifier of low dropout (LDO) regulator and a slew-rate enhancement circuit to minimize compensation capacitance and improve transient response. The proposed error amplifier eliminates the tradeoffs between small and large slew-rate that is imposed by the tail-current in conventional error amplifier(More)
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