Surendra Shetty

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—Data mining is cataloging through data to identify patterns and establish relationships. The relationship among patterns provides information. It can be converted into knowledge about historical patterns and future trends. Raga mining is a part of data mining where audio data is considered in specific. Raga is an attractive combination of notes, engaging(More)
Multiple Classifier System (MCS) is designed by combining two or more classifiers. MCS helps in increasing the accuracy of classification compared to the performance of the individual classifier. In this paper, Multiple Classifier System is implemented for automatic speech recognition. The combined classifier takes the final decision on predicted class(More)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) involves mainly two steps; feature extraction and classification (pattern recognition). Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) is used as one of the prominent feature extraction techniques in ASR. Usually, the set of all 12 MFCC coefficients is used as the feature vector in the classification step. But the question is(More)
Dental identification plays a key role in mass casualties and is usually based on disturbances of tooth eruption, malocclusions and/or previous dental treatments, changes brought about by age, pathological conditions and developmental disturbances. Tooth transposition is a disturbance of tooth eruption and is defined as change in the position of two(More)
INTRODUCTION The hyoid bone and its relation with the pharyngeal space in health and disease has been an intriguing subject for years. AIM This study attempts to evaluate the hyoid bone position and to ascertain any correlations with pharyngeal airway space in skeletal class I, II, and III malocclusions. MATERIALS AND METHODS McNamara's airway analysis(More)
The purpose of this retrospective study was to quantify and compare the vertical dimensional changes in bialveolar dental protrusion patients undergoing extraction of all four first premolars between the preadjusted edgewise appliance (PEA) and the Begg appliance. The cephalometric records of 55 patients (14 males and 41 females) with Class I bimaxillary(More)
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