Surendra Prasad Babu

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Recent research studies on liver diagnosis indicated difference in classification accuracy of various classifiers with different data sets. K-Nearest Neighbor classifier is observed to be giving best results with India liver patients’ data set with all feature set combinations. Performance is better for the India Liver dataset compared to UCLA liver dataset(More)
The cestocidal activity of Acacia auriculiformis was evaluated using rats each harbouring a single adult worm of Hymenolepis diminuta. The ethanol extract (300 mg/kg/day) and the saponins (200 mg/kg/day) obtained from the funicles of A. auriculiformis, were administered orally to two groups each of 10 rats, respectively, on day 20 after oral inoculation(More)
Abstract: This paper deals with the development of garlic expert systems, designed using one of the evolutionary algorithms, to advice the farmers in villages through online. An expert system is a computer program that simulates the judgments and behavior of a human or an organization that has expert knowledge and experience in a particular field. The(More)
The active principle, isolated from the funicles of A. auriculiformis, consisted of two triterpenoid saponins, acaciaside A and acaciaside B which killed in vitro 97% microfilaria of Setaria cervi in 100 min at 4mg/ml concentration and 100% of adults in 35 min. The drug, when administered orally at 100 mg/kg on rats, in which S. cervi adults were implanted(More)
Software reliability is crucial for high volume Web based systems, where outages can result in loss of revenue and dissatisfied customers. Here we advocate a simple, but elegant approach based on construction of a Customer Behavior Model Graph to capture the dynamics involved in user behavior, and use Markov Chain modeling to determine the failures for(More)
The explosive growth and availability of data on the internet has caused information overload. Searching for a query is not easy in the sources of information available for the interest of an individual user. Collaborative filtering systems recommend items based upon opinions of people with similar tastes. Collaborative filtering overcomes some difficulties(More)
In this paper, we diagnose disease by implementing principal component analysis based on the user entered values for various symptoms. It considers components from the user entered values and compares them with the values in the database. Here the diagnosis is done by the method of prediction using trained data sets (TDS) and the results are compared by(More)
Over the years internet has become essential part of extensive business applications to exchange or restructure large amounts of business information. Relational database (RDB) is normally used for traditional data processing, where as Extensible Markup Language documents (XML Documents) are widely useful for performing online conversation in B2B(More)