Surendra M. Gupta

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Gungor and Gupta [1999, Issues in environmentally conscious manufacturing and product recovery: a survey. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 36(4), 811-853] presented an important review of the development of research in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and Product Recovery (ECMPRO) and provided a state of the art survey of published work.(More)
In this paper, the interrelationship between the F-Policy problem and the truncated N-Policy problem is considered. The F-Policy problem deals with the issue of controlling arrivals to a queueing system. The N-Policy problem involves a queueing system in which the server leaves the system (for alternative jobs) when it becomes empty and returns when the(More)
-We consider finite buffered queues with service or arrival control. In the case of service control, service may be stopped and restarted depending on the queue length. In the case of arrival control, the arrival stream can be turned off and on or arrivals may be rejected depending on the queue length. We give duality relations for various systems with(More)
Disassembly activities take place in various recovery operations including remanufacturing, recycling and disposal. The disassembly line is the best choice for automated disassembly of returned products. It is therefore important that the disassembly line be designed and balanced so that it works as efficiently as possible. The disassembly line balancing(More)
Recycling and remanufacturing are important forms of product/material recovery which involve product disassembly to retrieve the desired parts and/or subassemblies. Disassembly is a systematic method for separating a product into its constituent parts, components or other groupings. Efficient disassembly requires development of disassembly sequence plans(More)
The first crucial step of product recovery is disassembly. Some product disassembly is almost always needed in remanufacturing, recycling, and disposal. Since disassembly tends to be expensive, disassembly sequence planning becomes important in minimizing resources (time and money) invested in disassembly and maximizing the level of automation. A(More)