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Gungor and Gupta [1999, Issues in environmentally conscious manufacturing and product recovery: a survey. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 36(4), 811-853] presented an important review of the development of research in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and Product Recovery (ECMPRO) and provided a state of the art survey of published work.(More)
Disassembly activities take place in various recovery operations including remanufacturing, recycling and disposal. The disassembly line is the best choice for automated disassembly of returned products. It is therefore important that the disassembly line be designed and balanced so that it works as efficiently as possible. The disassembly line balancing(More)
We generate a disassembly PN (DPN) from a disas-sembly precedence matrix. The resulting DPN can be analyzed using the reachability tree method to generate all feasible disas-sembly process plans (DPPs), and cost functions can be used to determine the optimal DPP. Since generating the reachability tree is NP-complete, we develop a heuristic algorithm to(More)
BACKGROUND Midazolam is a water soluble benzodiazepine which is frequently administered by intravenous and oral routes in our institution. Its nasal spray has become recently available. OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy of midazolam administered orally and by intranasal spray, with the specific objective of assessing their efficacy in terms of(More)