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Oral administration of Embelia ribes berries (50% EtoH) reduced blood sugar level significantly. In intact rats, blood sugar levels were decreased by 13.1% and 20.3% after 3 hrs. and 5 hrs. of treatment respectively. While in alloxan induced diabetic rats blood glucose levels were decreased after 3 hours and 5hours by 28.1% and 34.5% respectively.(More)
The administration of Plumbago zeylanica root (50% EtOH) extract to |intact rats at the dose of 150 mg/kg [body weight for 60 days caused arrest of spermatogenesis. The diameter of seminiferous tubules and Leydig cell nuclei were reduced. The production of spermatocytes (primary and secondary) and spermatids were significantly reduced (P£ 0.001; 83.57%,(More)
Oral feeding of 70% EtOH extract of Lindenbergia indica to female rats at the dose of 500 mg/kg body weight and 1000 mg / kg body weight caused significant reduction of serum cholesterol, HDL - cholesterol, triglycerides & phospholipids (P≤ 0.05 to P≤ 0.001). Where as the protein levels were not reduced significantly.Fertility test showed 100% negative(More)
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