Surendra Kumar Varma

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Unrecognized congenital hypothyroidism leads to mental retardation. Newborn screening and thyroid therapy started within 2 weeks of age can normalize cognitive development. The primary thyroid-stimulating hormone screening has become standard in many parts of the world. However, newborn thyroid screening is not yet universal in some countries. Initial(More)
The treatment of children with short stature was revolutionized by the creation of recombinant growth hormone therapy. While it cannot be denied that therapy adds significant height to children who are growth hormone deficient, such treatment is both painful, requiring many injections for years, as well as extremely expensive, both for the children's(More)
This article presents current knowledge about common childhood thyroid gland disorders. Included are congenital and acquired hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, disorders due to iodine deficiency, tumors and miscellaneous conditions. The significance of early diagnosis by screening and institution of treatment of congenital hypothyroidism is emphasized.(More)
PURPOSE Consensus recommendations to help ensure safe insulin use in hospitalized patients are presented. SUMMARY Insulin products are frequently involved in medication errors in hospitals, and insulin is classified as a high-alert medication when used in inpatient settings. In an initiative to promote safer insulin use, the American Society of(More)