Surendra Kumar Mattoo

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Buprenorphine was introduced as a potent analgesic with low abuse potential. Reports of buprenorphine abuse by opiate abusers have accumulated over the years, highlighting its use as a cheap alternative to heroin. The lower potency compared with heroin is being compensated by using a cocktail of buprenorphine with benzodiazepines or cyclizine. This study of(More)
Ninety-five schizophrenic patients were assessed using the Present State Examination, the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale and the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms. Negative and depressive symptoms were frequent, and significant relationships among negative symptom complexes and depressive syndromes were noted. Retardation, lack of energy,(More)
In a tertiary-care teaching hospital in India, dermatology outpatients with vitiligo (N=113) and psoriasis (N=103) were studied for psychiatric morbidity. The two groups were similar with regard to education, locality, religion, and attitude to appearance (ATT). Psoriasis cases were older, more often male, and more often married. The General Health(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare ratings of quality of life in patients with established schizophrenia in Chandigarh, India, in both subjective and objective view points and between patients' and relatives' ratings. METHOD Subjective and objective quality of life was assessed in 38 patients with schizophrenia using the Quality of Life Interview - Brief Version and(More)
Case records of the patients with major affective disorders (ICD-10 criteria), seen over a 5 year period in a busy clinic in North India were examined for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as per DSM-III-R criteria. In addition, seasonality of episodes of all affective disorders was also studied. Around 5.67% of the cases (n=44) retrospectively met the(More)
In spite of having been formulated nearly two decades back, there is as yet no consensus on the validity of the clinically popular self-medication hypothesis (SMH) of substance use disorders in patients with dual diagnosis. SMH broadly proposes that patients use substances in a non-random fashion so that the psychopharmacologic characteristics of particular(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The patterns of abused psychoactive substances change over time, and it is important to document such changes. The present retrospective study was carried out to document these changes in patients registered in a de-addiction centre in north India over three decades. METHODS Case notes of all patients registered in the centre from(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the demographic and clinical profile of adolescent subjects (< or =18 yr) presenting to a state-funded drug de-addiction centre in north India. METHODS Data on demographic and clinical features were extracted from available case notes of adolescent patients who presented to the centre during 1978-2003 (n=85). RESULTS Many adolescents(More)
AIM To study the socio-demographic and clinical profile of patients seeking treatment for abuse of codeine-containing cough syrups (CCS). DESIGN Observational; case series. SETTING An addiction clinic in North India. PARTICIPANTS Forty-six consecutive treatment-seeking patients of DSM-III-R-diagnosed dependence on CCS, from January 1994 to June 1995.(More)
BACKGROUND Discrepancy between efficacy of prophylactic lithium and its effectiveness in ordinary clinical practice necessitates long-term follow-up data from specialised lithium clinics. Also, role of psychosocial factors in influencing the outcome is unclear. METHODS One hundred and eighteen patients of bipolar affective disorder attending a lithium(More)