Surekha Mandal

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Seed storage proteins of grain crops meet the major dietary protein requirement of over half of the world population. However, seed proteins in general are deficient in some essential amino acids and hence are of poor nutritional quality. Therefore, intensive research is going on to isolate and characterize these proteins and their genes, and to produce(More)
A number of trypsin inhibitor (TI) genes have been used to generate insect-resistant plants. Here we report a novel trypsin inhibitor from Indian mustard Brassica juncea (BjTI) that is unique in being the precursor of a 2S seed storage protein. The inhibitory activity is lost upon processing. The predicted amino acid sequence of the precursor based on the(More)
Active single-chain Fv molecules encoded by synthetic genes have been expressed and secreted to the periplasm of Escherichia coli using the ompA secretory signal. Four different constructs were developed to investigate the effects of peptide linker design and VL-VH orientation on expression, secretion, and binding to a Salmonella O-polysaccharide antigen.(More)
A 658 bp DNA sequence corresponding to the murine lambda 1 chain of a monoclonal antibody, Se155-4, specific for the Salmonella serotype B O-antigen, was designed using Escherichia coli preferred codons and chemically synthesized by ligation of synthetic fragments into a linearized plasmid followed by transformation into E. coli. A synthetic signal peptide(More)
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