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Social technologies including blogs, wikis, social bookmarking sites, photo sharing, video sharing and social networking sites (SNS) have been widely used to facilitate online social networking (OSN). We define OSN as a range of activities enabled by online social technologies and operationalised by a group of people. OSN is widely popular for(More)
The advent of the Internet in the early 1980s did not attract e-learning instantaneously. Circa 1990s only, universities started looking for the potential of the Internet to deliver teaching and learning to the masses. Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR), being the first e-learning university in Malaysia, offers a hybrid model that combines three important(More)
Online social networking (OSN) activities are becoming more prevalent in higher education. The phenomenon can be observed in many higher learning institutions around the world. There are many ways of appropriating OSN for teaching and learning. OSN enables lecturers and students to publish and share knowledge quickly and easily. However there are also(More)
Introduction. In the current era of digital communication, users share information they consider important, using wikis, blogs and social networking Websites. The digital content includes valuable as well as biased, false and demagogic information. The objectives of this review paper are, i) To understand the perceptions of users regarding Web credibility(More)
Information seeking behaviour (ISB) is one of the important concepts of information science, library science and social science to predict human behaviour. However, models of ISB are in a variety of forms and have different components. In addition, every model of ISB targets a specific audience, but all models have the same purpose i.e., to fulfil the(More)
The corporate performance and measurement discipline is dynamically changing. Organizations will increasingly identify sets of performance issues and build tracking mechanisms to monitor how the enterprise is doing. As a practice, performance measurement and management requires objectivity and careful planning in order to see its successful, continuous(More)
The embedding of today’s advance technology into the educational system is an attempt to generate youth with the critical skills to develop and acquire the knowledge they need for effective lifelong learning and full functioning as citizens in an active society. It is to realize this vision, that supports from all means possible are required to enhance the(More)