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This paper presents priority based fuzzy goal programming approach to multi-objective quadratic programming problem. In the proposed approach, we construct the quadratic membership functions by determining the individual best solution of the objective functions subject to the system constraints. The quadratic membership functions are then transformed into(More)
In the paper, we present chance constrained multi-level linear programming problem. The right hand parameters and the coefficients of the constraints are considered as the random variables of known distribution function and the chance constraints are transformed into equivalent deterministic constraints. Membership function for each level objective function(More)
A single-valued neutrosophic set is a special case of neutrosophic set. It has been proposed as a generalization of crisp sets, fuzzy sets, and intuitionistic fuzzy sets in order to deal with incomplete information. In this paper, a new approach for multi-attribute group decision-making problems is proposed by extending the technique for order preference by(More)
In this paper, we propose new vector similarity measures of single-valued and interval neutrosophic sets by hybridizing the concepts of Dice and cosine similarity measures. We present their applications in multi-attribute decision making under neutrosophic environment. We use these similarity measures to find out the best alternative by determining the(More)
This paper presents fuzzy goal programming approach for bi-level linear fractional programming problem with a single decision maker at the upper level and a single decision maker at the lower level. Here, each level has single objective function, which are fractional in nature and the system constraints are linear functions. In the proposed approach, we(More)
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