Surajith N Wanasundara

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OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to determine which of three two-parameter fitting functions (exponential, linear-log, and negative-power function of time) most accurately models early chromium-51-EDTA (51Cr-EDTA) plasma concentration data prior to 120 min in patients with cirrhosis and ascites and understand how these fitting functions affect the(More)
OBJECTIVES Glomerular filtration rate can be measured as the plasma clearance (CL) of a glomerular filtration rate marker despite body fluid disturbances using numerous, prolonged time samples. We desire a simplified technique without compromised accuracy and precision. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared CL values derived from two plasma concentration(More)
We present a model that generalizes the apparent volume of distribution and half-life as functions of time following intravenous bolus injection. This generalized model defines a time varying apparent volume of drug distribution. The half-lives of drug remaining in the body vary in time and become longer as time elapses, eventually converging to the(More)
BACKGROUND The convolution approach to thyroid time-activity curve (TAC) data fitting with a gamma distribution convolution (GDC) TAC model following bolus intravenous injection is presented and applied to 99mTc-MIBI data. The GDC model is a convolution of two gamma distribution functions that simultaneously models the distribution and washout kinetics of(More)
We use Monte Carlo simulations to study the dual-mode diffusion regime of binary and tertiary mixtures of hard spheres confined in narrow cylindrical pores under the influence of an imposed flow. The flow is introduced to the dynamics by adding a small bias directed along the long axis of the pore to the random displacement of each Monte Carlo move. As a(More)
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