Surajit Sengupta

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Chromosomes within eukaryotic cell nuclei at interphase are not positioned at random, since gene-rich chromosomes are predominantly found towards the interior of the cell nucleus across a number of cell types. The physical mechanisms that could drive and maintain the spatial segregation of chromosomes based on gene density are unknown. Here, we identify a(More)
A crystalline solid exhibits thermally induced localised non-affine droplets in the absence of external stress. Here we show that upon an imposed shear, the size of these droplets grow until they percolate at a critical strain, well below the value at which the solid begins to yield. This critical point does not manifest in most thermodynamic or mechanical(More)
Elastic moduli and dislocation core energy of the triangular solid of hard disks of diameter σ are obtained in the limit of vanishing dislocation-an-tidislocation pair density, from Monte Carlo simulations which incorporates a constraint, namely that all moves altering the local connectivity away from that of the ideal triangular lattice are rejected. In(More)
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology has the ability to image surface oil seeps that originate by slow leakage from oil-and gas-filled traps. Multi-temporal satellite data over such seeps delineate prospective areas and provide the locations for follow-up surface sampling from which key geochemical information of the reservoir oil can be obtained.(More)
This paper illustrates the development of a system to measure the variation in yarn parameters using image processing with the help of a low cost USB web camera along with a yarn moving arrangement. The complete system comprises of yarn guides and tension control device, motor with gear box, monitor for displaying yarn parameters etc. The system enables to(More)
Self-assembled, one-dimensional (1D) nanomaterials are amenable building blocks for bottom-up nanofabrication processes. A current shortcoming in the self-assembly of 1D nanomaterials in solution phase is the need for specific linkers or templates under very precise conditions to achieve a handful of systems. Here we report on the origin of a novel(More)
We study structural transitions in a system of interacting particles arranged as a crystalline bilayer, as a function of the density ρ and the distance d between the layers. As d is decreased a sequence of transitions involving triangular, rhombic, square and centred rectangular lattices is observed. The sequence of phases and the order of transitions(More)
This is to certify that the thesis entitled " Equilibrium and transport properties of constrained systems " submitted by Sri Debasish Chaudhuri, who got his name registered on 11th May, 2004 for the award of Ph.D.(Science) degree of Jadavpur University , is absolutely based upon his own work under the supervision of Dr. Surajit Sengupta and that neither(More)