Surajit Mondal

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In this paper a parametric study on characteristics of a planar metal antenna in vicinity of a homogenous human head at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz are carried out. Initially the planar metal antenna is designed at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. The impedance and radiation characteristics of these antennas are shown in free space and in proximity of a human head. Also(More)
This paper deals with the theoretical investigation on a reduced sized Frequency Selective Surface (FSS). The FSS is designed by cutting a unique shaped slot into square patch. It has been shown, how the variation of the dimension of the slot and periodicity results in shifting of resonant frequency . Compared to conventional square patch FSS the designed(More)
In this paper a shorted planar meander-line metal antenna (SPMMA) is designed at 2.45 GHz by modifying the radiating element of a shorted planar rectangular metal antenna (SPRMA). The shorting strip reduces 40% size of the meander-line antenna and the size of the SPMMA is 16% shorter compared to that of SPRMA. The reflection coefficient, gain and efficiency(More)
In this paper, fractal FSS has been designed using recursive technology and this frequency selective surface (FSS) acts like a multi band-reject filter. The proposed design has been investigated theoretically using Ansoft Designer® software in which the reflection and transmission band has been predicted by the method known as Method of Moment. In(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy logic-based formation control scheme for a group of wheeled mobile robots. A new control logic is proposed to counter the problem of formation shape control. Two separate fuzzy logic controllers for direct go-to-goal and collision avoidance are developed for two different behaviors of mobile robots. The details of the data base(More)
The occurrence of a negative energy balance (NEB) and concurrent metabolic changes may be responsible for impaired reproductive performance. A characteristic metabolic feature of NEB is the mobilization of body fat, reflected in an increased plasma non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) concentration. High plasma concentration of NEFA is reflected in elevated(More)
This paper deals with the theortical investigation on high Q (80.50 approx) mutifrequency Notch type Frequency Selective Surface(FSS). The FSS is designed by cutting spiral slit into square shaped patch keeping same periodicity throughout. Compared to conventional square patch FSS the designed FSS can provide reduction in resonant frequency resulting in(More)
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