Surajit Karmakar

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Inspired by the lotus effect in nature, surface roughness engineering has led to novel materials and applications in many fields. Despite the rapid progress in superhydrophobic and superoleophobic materials, this concept of Mother Nature's choice is yet to be applied in the design of advanced nanocarriers for drug delivery. Pioneering work has emerged in(More)
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MCM-41) were used as a carrier system to study the influence of surface charge and hydrophobicity on solubility and in-vitro drug release behavior of Griseofulvin, a potent antifungal drug with low water solubility. Bare MCM-41 with a pure silica composition, MCM-41 after amino functionalization (MCM-41-NH2) and methyl(More)
A rationally designed two-step synthesis of silica vesicles is developed with the formation of vesicular structure in the first step and fine control over the entrance size by tuning the temperature in the second step. The silica vesicles have a uniform size of ≈50 nm with excellent cellular uptake performance. When the entrance size is equal to the wall(More)
Curcumin (CUR), a naturally derived anti-cancer cocktail is arguably the most widely studied neutraceutical. Despite a lot of promises, it is yet to reach the market as an active anti-cancer formulation. In the present study, we have prepared highly soluble (3 mg/ml) CUR-γ-hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin (CUR-CD) hollow spheres. CUR-CD hollow spheres were(More)
Gene therapy has attracted much attention in modern society and provides a promising approach for treating genetic disorders, diseases and cancers. Safe and effective vectors are vital tools to deliver genetic molecules to cells. This review summarizes recent advances in the rational design of silica-based nanoparticles and their applications in gene(More)
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MCM-41) with different surface chemistry were used as carrier system to study its influence on drug delivery and anticancer activity of curcumin (CUR). CUR was encapsulated in pristine MCM-41 (hydrophilic and negatively charged), amino functionalized MCM-41 (MCM-41-NH2 which is hydrophilic and positively charged), and methyl(More)
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