Surajit Debnath

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Tafazzin (EC is a Phospholipid Transacylase involved in Cardiolipin remodeling on mitochondrial membrane and coded by TAZ gene (Cytogenetic Location: Xq28) in human. Its mutations cause Barth syndrome (MIM ID: #302060)/3-Methyl Glutaconyl Aciduria Type II, an inborn error of metabolism often leading to foetal or infantile fatality. Nevertheless,(More)
BACKGROUND Anthropometric measures are used as indicators of elevated blood pressure, but reported to have variable sensitivity among populations. This study was undertaken to identify the better indicator of Cardiac-risk factors by statistical comparison of BMI, Waist circumference, and Waist to Height (WtHr) ratio in apparently healthy adolescents and(More)
Correlating antifungal Azole drug resistance and mis-sense mutations of ERG11 has been paradoxical in pathogenic yeast Candida albicans. Amino acid substitutions (single or multiple) are frequent on ERG11, a membrane bound enzyme of Ergosterol biosynthesis pathway. Presence or absence of mutations can not sufficiently predict susceptibility. To analyze role(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore anti-enteric properties of Dillenia pentagyna Roxb. (D. pentagyna) fruit extract fractions of different polarities by comparative antimicrobial activity against municipal sewage microflora and to assess its urease inhibition potential. METHODS Different polar fractions of D. pentagyna fruit extracts were studied by antimicrobial(More)
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