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Clarias batrachus , the medicinal fish : An excellent c & idate for aquaculture & employment generation
Traditional wisdom a propos the nutritional benefits of Indian catfish Clarias batrachus is the domino effect into its high consumer demand (global market value ≈800000 USD). Analytical studies alsoExpand
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Structural basis for heterogeneous phenotype of ERG11 dependent Azole resistance in C.albicans clinical isolates
Correlating antifungal Azole drug resistance and mis-sense mutations of ERG11 has been paradoxical in pathogenic yeast Candida albicans. Amino acid substitutions (single or multiple) are frequent onExpand
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Preliminary screening for in vitro anti-enteritic properties of a traditional herb Dillenia pentagyna Roxb. fruit extracts.
OBJECTIVE To explore anti-enteric properties of Dillenia pentagyna Roxb. (D. pentagyna) fruit extract fractions of different polarities by comparative antimicrobial activity against municipal sewageExpand
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Traditional Consumption of Magur (Clarias Batrachus) an Air Breathing Catfish among the Population of North Eastern India is Rationalized by Its Blood Lipid Parameters
The consumption of air breathing cat fishes is very popular in various parts of India as in the North Eastern states as well as West Bengal. This has been rationalized by the present study of lipidExpand
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Mis-sesnse mutations in Tafazzin (TAZ) that escort to mild clinical symptoms of Barth syndrome is owed to the minimal inhibitory effect of the mutations on the enzyme function: In-silico evidence
Tafazzin (EC is a Phospholipid Transacylase involved in Cardiolipin remodeling on mitochondrial membrane and coded by TAZ gene (Cytogenetic Location: Xq28) in human. Its mutations causeExpand
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BMI is a Better Indicator of Cardiac Risk Factors, as against Elevated Blood Pressure in Apparently Healthy Female Adolescents and Young Adult Students: Results From a Cross-Sectional Study in Tripura
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  • Indian journal of community medicine : official…
  • 1 October 2016
Background: Anthropometric measures are used as indicators of elevated blood pressure, but reported to have variable sensitivity among populations. This study was undertaken to identify the betterExpand
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Investigation of Genetic Epidemiology ofMetabolic Compromises in ß Thalassemia MinorMutation: Phenotypic Pleiotropy
Human genome is not only the evolutionary summation of all advantageous events, but also houses lesions of deleterious foot prints. A single gene mutation sometimes may express multiple consequencesExpand
Occurrence of Morphological Deformities in Wild Cat Fish, Clarias Batrachus, in a Natural Ecosystem of Tripura, North East India - A Possible Case of Stress Induced Polyploidy as Revealed by
Morphological deformity in fishes has been reported in various species and was attributed to various factors viz, nutritional deficiency, stressed conditions in the ecosystem and genetic factors.Expand
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