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Several space-based assets (Terra, Aqua, Earth Observing One) have been integrated into a sensorweb to monitor flooding in Thailand. In this approach, the Moderate Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) data from Terra and Aqua is used to perform broad-scale monitoring to track flooding at the regional level (250m / pixel) and EO-1 is autonomously tasked in response(More)
—Increasing numbers of space assets can enable coordinated measurements of flooding phenomena to enhance tracking of extreme events. We describe the use of space and ground measurements to target further measurements as part of a flood monitoring system in Thailand. We utilize rapidly delivered MODIS data to detect major areas of flooding and the target the(More)
This paper presents the developments towards the next generation of overland flow modelling of urban pluvial flooding. Using a detailed analysis of the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) the developed GIS tools can automatically generate surface drainage networks which consist of temporary ponds (floodable areas) and flow paths and link them with the underground(More)
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