Suraj Prabhakaran

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Cluster batch systems usually support only static allocation of resources to applications before job start. After job start, applications cannot increase or decrease their resource set. However, some applications unpredictably evolve during execution and thus may require additional resources. If the extra resources cannot be delivered during runtime, those(More)
The throughput of supercomputers depends not only on efficient job scheduling but also on the type of jobs that form the workload. Malleable jobs are most favourable for a cluster as they can dynamically adapt to a changing allocation of resources. The batch system can expand or shrink a running malleable job to improve system utilization, throughput, and(More)
Accelerators such as graphics processing units (GPUs) provide an inexpensive way of improving the performance of cluster systems. In such an arrangement, the individual nodes of the cluster are directly connected to one or more accelerator devices via PCI Express. This results in a static mapping of accelerators onto compute nodes, where each accelerator(More)
The integration of accelerators into cluster systems is currently one of the architectural trends in high performance computing. Usually, those accelerators are many core compute devices which are directly connected to individual cluster nodes via PCI Express. Recent advances of accelerators, however, do not require a host CPU anymore and now even enable(More)
Over the years, cluster systems have become increasingly heterogeneous by equipping cluster nodes with one or more accelerators such as graphic processing units (GPU). These devices are typically attached to a compute node via PCI Express. As a consequence, batch systems such as TORQUE/Maui and SLURM have been extended to be aware of those additional(More)
Even 3M's Management Principle shifted to 4M's including managing of energy which is critical factor in operation of any industry. In Energy Management, Electrical form of energy has given more priority because of direct impact on price fixing. Even modern energy conserving devices are comes into market, Small Scale Industries due to lack of awareness,(More)
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