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The problem of frequency resolution in non-parametric power spectrum density estimation (PSDE) for noisy signals is considered. In this setting, finite length of data as well as the additive noise, both contribute to a decreased frequency resolution. The existing PSDE approaches offer different forms of averaging and windowing of the available data only to(More)
In averaging power spectral density (PSD) estimation methods, such as Bartlett and Welch approaches, segmented version of data is used. However, no systematic method for the choice of optimum segmentation is available. In this paper, we provide a novel approach to nonparametric PSD estimation that not only provides the optimum segmentation in these(More)
Mobile wireless network are capable of autonomous operation which operates without base station infrastructure. In it, nodes cooperate to provide connectivity and services without centralized administration. OLSR is a proactive protocol, which maintains 3 types of table viz. Neighbor Table, Topology Table and Routing Table. It uses MPR (Multipoint Relay)(More)
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