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Firefly algorithm is one of the new metaheuristic algorithms for optimization problems. The algorithm is inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies. In the algorithm, randomly generated solutions will be considered as fireflies, and brightness is assigned depending on their performance on the objective function. One of the rules used to construct the(More)
Firefly algorithm is a swarm based metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies. It is an effective and an easy to implement algorithm. It has been tested on different problems from different disciplines and found to be effective. Even though the algorithm is proposed for optimization problems with continuous variables, it has been(More)
Firefly algorithm is a swarm based metaheuristic algorithm designed for continuous optimization problems. It works by following better solutions and also with a random search mechanism. It has been successfully used in different problems arising in different disciplines and also modified for discrete problems. Unlike its easiness to understand and to(More)
Transportation plays a vital role in the development of a country and the car is the most commonly used means. However, in third world countries long waiting time for public buses is a common problem, especially when people need to switch buses. The problem becomes critical when one considers buses joining different villages and cities. Theoretically this(More)
Multilevel optimization problems deals with mathematical programming problems whose feasible set is implicitly determined by a sequence of nested optimization problems. These kind of problems are common in different applications where there is a hierarchy of decision makers exists. Solving such problems has been a challenge especially when they are non(More)
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