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Ossification of the ligamenta flava (OLF) and posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL) of the spine causing spinal cord compression is described mainly in Japanese patients and is often termed as 'Japanese disease'. We are reporting a case of OLF of the thoracic spine seen in a male Caucasian who presented with an intractable intercostal pain. This is the(More)
Muslin wrapping of intracranial aneurysms has been used for many years, but muslin-induced optochiasmal arachnoiditis was first reported only in 1978, as a complication with catastrophic loss of vision. In this study of 54 cases wrapped with muslin over the last six years, two cases of optochiasmal arachnoiditis occurred. Three patients had early rebleeding(More)
Bilateral extradural haematomas are rare, usually acute, and generally associated with severe trauma and a high mortality. We report the case of a 39-year-old man who presented with chronic simultaneous bilateral extradural haematomas in whom the trauma appeared to be trivial and initially unrecognised and in whom a unilateral evacuation was curative.
Due to the increasingly complex nature of the modern supply chain networks (SCNs), a recent research trend has focussed on modelling SCNs as complex adaptive systems. Despite the substantial number of studies devoted to such hypothetical modelling efforts, studies analysing the topological properties of real world SCNs have been relatively rare, mainly due(More)
Several growth models have been proposed in the literature for scale-free complex networks, with a range of fitness-based attachment models gaining prominence recently. However, the processes by which such fitness-based attachment behaviour can arise are less well understood, making it difficult to compare the relative merits of such models. This paper(More)
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