Supun Nakandala

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Online social media and games are increasingly replacing offline social activities. Social media is now an indispensable mode of communication; online gaming is not only a genuine social activity but also a popular spectator sport. With support for anonymity and larger audiences, online interaction shrinks social and geographical barriers. Despite such(More)
eScience middleware frameworks integrating multiple virtual organizations must incorporate comprehensive user identity and access management solutions. In this paper we examine usage patterns for these systems and map the patterns to widely used security standards and approaches. We focus on science gateways, a class of distributed system(More)
The SEAGrid science gateway provides scientists and educators with user interfaces and tools for conducting computational chemistry, material science, and engineering experiments online using XSEDE and campus computing resources. This paper describes the architecture of the recently completed technology refresh for the gateway, replacing its desktop user(More)
Science Gateways provide user environments and a set of supporting services that help researchers make effective and enhanced use of a diverse set of computing, storage, and related resources. Gateways provide the services and tools users require to enable their scientific exploration, which includes tasks such as running computer simulations or performing(More)
Modern scientific experiments generate vast volumes of data which are hard to keep track of. Consequently, scientists find it difficult to reuse and share these data sets. We address this problem by developing a schema-independent data cataloging framework for efficient management of scientific data. The proposed solution consists of an agent which(More)
Science gateways primarily focused on remote job execution management generate domain specific output data mainly readable by application specific parsers and post processing utilities. For example, computational chemistry data outputs encode molecule information, convergence of the simulation and energy values. Such domain-specific information is(More)
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