Supriyo Datta

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We point out that single electron charging effects such as Coulomb Blockade (CB) and high-bias staircases play a crucial role in transport through single ultrashort molecules. A treatment of Coulomb Blockade through a prototypical molecule, benzene, is developed using a master-equation in its complete many-electron Fock space, evaluated through exact(More)
Generic model for current collapse in spin-blockaded transport" (2007). Other Nanotechnology Publications. Paper 90. A decrease in current with increasing voltage, often referred to as negative differential resistance ͑NDR͒, has been observed in many electronic devices and can usually be understood within a one-electron picture. However , NDR has recently(More)
—Over the past decade a large family of spintronic devices have been proposed as candidates for replacing CMOS for future digital logic circuits. Using the recently developed Modular Approach framework, we investigate and identify the physical bottlenecks and engineering challenges facing current spintronic devices. We then show that systematic material and(More)
It is common to differentiate between two ways of building a nanodevice: a <b>top-down</b> approach where we start from something big and chisel out what we want and a <b>bottom-up</b> approach where we start from something small like atoms or molecules and assemble what we want. When it comes to describing electrical resistance, the standard approach could(More)
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