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Activity of antioxidant enzymes was evaluated during somatic embryogenesis and shoot organogenesis from cultured leaf segments of Gladiolus hybridus Hort. The effect of exogenous antioxidants on somatic embryogenesis and shoot organogenesis has also been monitored. Activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) gradually increased during somatic embryogenesis.(More)
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) is a regulatory peptide found in many normal and neoplastic tissues, including brain, with a diverse range of cellular effects. The transmembrane biochemical signals by which TGF-beta exerts these effects and the second messenger systems that may amplify them are unknown. We investigated the effects of TGF-beta(More)
The levels of free amino acids were determined in human foetal brain regions during prenatal development. Variation in the distribution of amino acids and their rate of change in five segments of the CNS at different stages of ontogeny was observed. Striking developmental changes were found in the levels of aspartic acid in medulla-pons and spinal cord,(More)
A fluorometric technique was developed to estimate taurine in tissue extracts and body fluids. Dowex-AG and Biorad-AG columns were used to separate this amino acid from other components. Interference by Glycerophosphoryl ethanolamine was removed by hydrolysis of the sample with 6N HCl. The fluorogen used was fluorescamine.
This tutorial article presents a ‘bottom-up’ view of electrical resistance starting from something really small, like a molecule, and then discussing the issues that arise as we move to bigger conductors. Remarkably, no serious quantum mechanics is needed to understand electrical conduction through something really small, except for unusual things like the(More)
Fish surface mucin from Pampus argenteus was extracted with different organic solvents and the residue passed through Sephadex G-200. The major peak was purified by DEAE-Cellulose chromatography and five fractions were obtained. Carbohydrate and protein contents showed that major peak is a glycoprotein. Rechromatography of this component on the Sephadex(More)
The possibilities of interference by glycerophosphoryl ethanolamine (GPE) in the estimation of taurine levels in cerebral cortex, midbrain, cerebellum, medullapons, and spinal cord of developing human fetal brain regions were eliminated by hydrolyzing tissue extracts with 6 M HCl. Cysteic acid thus produced was separated from taurine by ion-exchange(More)
The production isolation and purification of a yellow mycotoxin fromPenicillium citreoviride NRRL 2579 in different culture media was described. When injected subcutaneously to albino rats it alters the kinetic pattern of transketolase (EC in liver in vivo in a competitive manner. In vitro, the inhibition is noncompetitive in nature. However,(More)
Light has a pronounced effect on the germination ofAlternanthera sessilis, but low or high temperature treatments are not so successful. Potassium nitrate can act as a partial substitute and thiourea as a total and better substitute for light. The nature of response produced by these stimulators will depend upon their critical concentration and whether the(More)
A solution culture experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of solution phosphorus concentration on the exudation of citrate and oxalate ions by five different varieties of the wheat (Triticum aestivum L). Wheat varieties were grown in a modified Hoagland nutrient solution containing five phosphorus levels (0, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 μg/mL).(More)