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  • Supriyanto, Iznan Husainy Hasbullah, Raja Kumar Murugesan, Sureswaran Ramadass
  • 2013
IPv6 is a network layer protocol of the OSI reference model. IPv6 uses the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) that works on link local scope of IPv6 network. NDP covers host initialization and address auto configuration that is one of IPv6 advantages and other important functionalities. IPv6 mandates to support Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) for(More)
  • Maheza Irna, Mohamad Salim, Mohammad Azizi Tumiran, Noormiza Siti, Bustanur Makhtar, Ismail Rosidi +3 others
  • 2010
A new breast cancer detection method that is based on tissue bioelectric and acoustic characteristics has been developed by using a hybrid magnetoacoustics method. This method manipulates the interaction between acoustic and magnetic energy upon moving ions inside the breast tissue. Analytical in-vivo and in-vitro modelling and analysis on the system(More)
The decrease of wood supply leads to find out the alternative raw material for particleboard production derived from non-woody cellulose materials, one of the promising material is sorghum bagasse. However, the strength properties of particleboard manufactured from this biomass tend to be low. This research was to evaluate physical, mechanical and(More)
  • Supriyanto, Raja Kumar Murugesan, Sureswaran Ramadass
  • 2012
One of the main purposes of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) developments was to solve the IP address depletion concern due to the burgeoning growth of the Internet users. The new Internet protocol provides end-to-end communication, enhanced security and extensibility apart from the other features such as address auto-configuration or plug-and-play and(More)
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