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IPv6 requires the support of other protocols such as neighbor discovery and ICMPv6 for its functioning. Neighbor discovery includes router discovery, and redirect. Router discovery is used by an IPv6 host to discover the presence of routers and network parameters. It enables the host to configure list of default gateway, list of address prefixes, Maximum(More)
The escalating growth of web based services has led to the rapid growth of the Internet. This ever increasing growth of the Internet has led to the depletion of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses. IPv6, the Next Generation Internet Protocol developed by IETF in the 1990s is getting wide spread in use replacing IPv4 to overcome its shortcomings(More)
Trust-ND is an alternative lightweight security mechanism based on distributed trust management model to secure IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol. Trust-ND introduced a new NDP option, called Trust option, with three fields: Message Generation Time (or timestamp), Nonce, and Message Authentication Data. A thorough investigation and analysis of the use of(More)
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