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Survey of Internet Protocol Version 6 Link Local Communication Security Vulnerability and Mitigation Methods
This paper surveys local network security phenomenon and the current defense methods on the IPv6 link local network vulnerability mitigations. Expand
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Productivity and Nutrient Quality of Some Sorghum Mutant Lines at Different Cutting Ages
The objective of the study was to explore the appropriate cutting age to produce optimal biomass and good nutrient quality from sorghum mutant lines BMR i.e., PATIR 3.5 M7, PATIR 3.6 M7, and PATIRExpand
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In vitro regeneration of plantlets of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) with mycorrhizal roots from subcultured callus initiated from needle adventitious buds
Plantlets were regenerated from cultures established from Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) meristematic tissue. Seedling explants were first stimulated to develop axillary buds. Developing axillary bu...
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Security mechanism for IPv6 router discovery based on distributed trust management
This paper investigates the current router discovery mitigation methods such as ADD, SAVI, TRDP and RA Guard. Expand
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Timestamp utilization in Trust-ND mechanism for securing Neighbor Discovery Protocol
We propose measures to overcome the issue of DoS by proposing a change to the reference time to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); modification to the Trust-ND validation process to solve the problem of unsynchronized clocks among nodes. Expand
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Gemini Virus Attack Analysis in Field of Chili (Capsicum Annuum L.) Using Aerial Photography and Bayesian Segmentation Method
Bayesian segmentation is used to determine the level of virus attacks on individual plant with a 3-dimensional input color component and 4 segmentation target. Expand
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Growth, Biomass and Nutrient Production of Brown Midrib Sorghum Mutant Lines at Different Harvest Times
Brown midrib sorghum (BMR) is a potential crop as forage because of lower lignin content than that of non-BMR sorghum. The aim of this research was to observe the growth and production of brownExpand
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Penelitian inimenghasilkan produk berupa software AnBuso yang dapat dimanfaatkan guru dalam melakukananalisis butir soal secara praktis dan aplikatif. Expand
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In vitro Antioxidant Activity and Profile of Polyphenol Compounds Extracts and their Fractions on Cacao Beans.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The content of polyphenols in cacao beans can be modified during the processing of cacao. This study aimed to obtain the fraction of cacao bean extract polyphenols with theExpand
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