Supriya Rao

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Absfvact-Video surveillance is concemed with identifying 2. FEATURE EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING abnormal or unusual activity at a scene. In this paper, we develop stochastic models to characterize the normal activities in a scene. Given video sequences of normal activity, proba-bilistic models are leamt to describe the normal motion in the scene. For any new(More)
Separable allocators in on-chip routers perform switch allocation in two stages that often make uncoordinated decisions resulting in sub-optimal switch allocation. We propose Virtual Input Crossbars (VIX), where more than one virtual channel (VC) of an input port is connected to the crossbar. VIX improves switch allocation by allowing more than one input VC(More)
BACKGROUND Using demographic and clinical measures from emergency department evaluations, we developed an automated surveillance system for influenza-like illness (ILI). METHODS We selected a random sample of patients who were seen at the Durham, NC Veterans Affairs Medical Center between May 2002 and October 2009 with fever or a respiratory ICD-9(More)
The Santa Clara County Public Health Department is pleased to present the Santa Clara County Community Profile on Violence (CPOV) 2003 Report. This comprehensive report profiles the scope and magnitude of the violence problem in Santa Clara County by providing national, state and local data on various crime or incident types. The mission of the Public(More)
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