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Separable allocators in on-chip routers perform switch allocation in two stages that often make uncoordinated decisions resulting in sub-optimal switch allocation. We propose Virtual Input Crossbars (VIX), where more than one virtual channel (VC) of an input port is connected to the crossbar. VIX improves switch allocation by allowing more than one input VC(More)
In this paper, we propose a technique for the automatic extraction of moving objects from compressed domain video. We propose the use of a spatio-temporal filter for filtering the motion vectors and a hybrid approach to exploit both compressed domain processing and spatial domain processing to meet the tradeoff between computation and accuracy. The(More)
Absfvact-Video surveillance is concemed with identifying 2. FEATURE XTRACTION AND PROCESSING abnormal or unusual activity at a scene. In this paper, we develop stochastic models to characterize the normal activities in a scene. Given video sequences of normal activity, probabilistic models are leamt to describe the normal motion in the scene. For any new(More)
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