Supriya Pradhan

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OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of Aegle marmelos unripe fruit extract (AMFE) on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Wistar albino rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Effect of AMFE was studied on acetic acid induced ulcerative colitis (1 ml of 4% acetic acid solution, transrectal) and indomethacin-induced enterocolitis (10 mg/kg,(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a multifunctional disorder in which free radicals may cause oxidative cellular injury and changes in the activity of the antioxidant enzymes. So the objective of the study was to find out the antioxidant properties of Aloe vera. Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats were treated with Aloe vera extract (150 mg and 300 mg/kg) and standard(More)
  • S Pradhan
  • 1983
Acute administration of cocaine (20 mg/kg, i.p.) stimulated activity of striatal tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) which reached its maximum level at 10 min and returned to normal between 20-40 min. However, tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) activity in the pons-medulla was reduced to a minimum at 10 min after its injection and returned to normal between 20-40 min.(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study is to identify and compare the nature of the drug-related problems (DRPs) associated with self-medication and non-self-medication (drug use guided by a prescription). MATERIALS AND METHODS The cross-sectional, observational study was conducted on 1100 adult participants at a convenience sample of six retail private(More)
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