Supriya N. Pal

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In the scientific and commercial domains, graph as a data structure has become increasingly important for modeling sophisticated structures especially the interactions within them. Mining the knowledge from graph data has become a major research topic in recent data mining studies. Researchers have designed several efficient algorithms for mining various(More)
Recommender Systems aim to predict the rating or preference of a user given to an item and provide suggestions of further resources that are likely to be of interest. The critical part of the recommender algorithm is finding the similarity metrics, which yield predictions with different accuracies and varieties. In the case of high dimensional feature(More)
This paper presents the method for extracting the Phase Space Point Distribution parameter for improving the accuracy of speech recognition systems. By utilizing nonlinear or chaotic signal processing techniques to extract time domain based phase space features, a method is suggested for speech recognition. It is experimentally proved the accuracy of speech(More)
In the recent times we have been seeing a fundamental shift from Enterprise Applications towards large scale Enterprise Service Ecosystems. Enterprise Service Ecosystems are developed by modularizing and bundling of individual business rules and functions in the form of services. These services are loosely coupled, distributed and heterogeneous components(More)
In many scientific and commercial domains, graph as a data structure has become increasingly important for modeling of sophisticated structures. In the past few years, there has been sharp increase in research on mining graph data. We had proposed a unified framework for graph mining and analysis of extracted substructures, which was then an unattended(More)
Research and development in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has made significant progress over the last decade. Many robust NLP systems have been developed for handling machine translation, question-answering, summarization, topic detection, cluster analysis, information extraction, named entity recognition (NER), etc. Despite this advancement in NLP(More)
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