Supriya B Chavan

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Global fallout 137Cs was used for dating sediment cores and estimation of recent sedimentation rates (up to 1 cm/y) in the Thane Creek, which lies in the southern part of the Deccan belt of India. The residence time of 210Pb in the Thane Creek water was calculated to be 0.7 years. Further, the concentrations of Pb (up to 70 microg/g) and Hg (up to 10(More)
Studies on marine sediments are extremely important since they act as ultimate sink of anthropogenic pollutants. The present study was conducted near Mumbai city of India to understand and assess the behaviour and fluxes of trace and toxic elements in creek sediment. Seven sediment core samples were collected and analysed for trace and toxic elements such(More)
Air particulate samples collected during 1995-96 at a background site situated on the east coast of Thar Desert in Rajsthan State of India were analysed for atmospheric dust loads (Suspended Particulate Matter) and elemental composition. The values of SPM ranged from 9 microg M(-3) to 97 microg M(-3) with an average of 43 microg M(-3) except a few episodic(More)
The concentrations and distribution of the elements, including heavy metals such as As, Ba, Br, Co, Cr, Cs, Fe, Ga, K, Mn, Na, Rb, Sc, Sr, Th and Zn, were investigated in dated sediment cores of Nainital Lake located in the Himalayan region, in Uttar Pradesh state of India, which is considered as a remote background area. The concentrations of the elements(More)
Biodiesel has emerged as a prominent source to replace petroleum diesel. The cost incurred in the production of biodiesel is higher than that for refining of crude oil to obtain mineral diesel. The heterogeneous catalyst was prepared from crab shells by calcining the crushed mass at 800°C. The solid waste catalyst was characterized with XRD, XPS, BET,(More)
Sequential Pattern mining is the process of applying data mining techniques to large web data repositories.With the extensive use of Internet, discovery and analysis of useful information from the World Wide Web becomes a practical necessity. Data mining techniques are applied to a sequential database to discover the correlation relationships that exists(More)
In this paper, a compact circular shaped microstrip monopole patch antenna is presented. The proposed antenna comprises a plane of three circles coincides with each other C-shaped rectangular slot element with another inverted C-shaped shaped rectangular slot introduced inside circular patch which offer tri band. The impedance bandwidth can be tuned by(More)
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